The Community Chlorinators business concept, which was later developed into Kouzin Dlo, was designed during a three-day event at the newly opened Impact Hub Boston. 

Full Project description:

Haiti Ideation Lab

In April 2013, the idea for an event to bring together a diverse group of professionals and experts to design a simple, yet scalable business began to emerge. Over the course of the next seven months, the idea was realized as a unique three-day event.

The event started with problem definition by a panel of experts in water, sanitation and social impact in Haiti. The teams then worked had to determine which aspect of the problem they intended to solve then come up with solutions.

At the end of the first day of identifying solutions, they presented quick pitches to the entire group and broke for dinner. Over dinner they gave each other feedback and received feedback from the mentors. The next day, the teams came back invigorated and many made major pivots in their ideas.

On the final day, teams pitched to the judges who selected the top three ideas. These three teams pitched to all the participants and one idea- Community Chlorinators, was selected by the participants.

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