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Archimedes Project

The Archimedes Project is a not-for-profit organization that believes the most intractable problems in water and sanitation can be solved using market-driven approaches. Our goal is to end waterborne disease by supporting the design and launch of scalable and financially sustainable clean water and sanitation social enterprises around the world.

Recent Projects:


Phyllis Gichuhi, born in Nairobi, discovered her passion for nature and conservation early on, while growing up near Nairobi National Park. Phyllis spent her fellowship speaking with dozens of organisations across Nairobi working in drinking water, sanitation and entrepreneurship.


Fitse Gelaye investigated the sanitation landscape in Addis Ababa and found major challenges to sanitation access despite a growing interest in market-based solutions and a government commitment to universal sanitation access.


Iynna Halilou spent her fellowship in Douala, Cameroon focused on the severe lack of public sanitation infrastructure in the center of the thriving city and conducting initial market research for a public toilet enterprise.

Kouzin Dlo, Haiti

Jessica Laporte and the launch team landed in Port au Prince on June 14, 2014 to begin testing the Kouzin Dlo business model on the ground.

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We have been able to work in ten countries in five years because of our philanthropic investors.

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