Iynna with potential customers in Douala, Cameroon.


Iynna Halilou spent her fellowship in Douala, Cameroon focused on the severe lack of public sanitation infrastructure in the center of the thriving city and conducting initial market research for a public toilet enterprise.

Full Project description:

Iynna Halilou was chosen as Archimedes Project’s 2015 Frontier Entrepreneur Fellow for her determination to contribute to the economic and social development of her native country of Cameroon, and her firm belief in the power of social enterprise to drive sustainable change. During her time in country, Iynna observed a severe lack of sanitation infrastructure and access to public sanitation facilities. Despite unreliable transportation infrastructure and the slow pace of life in Douala, Iynna had meetings with NGO practitioners, government ministers, and local business leaders who illuminated the ecosystem challenges they face in trying to improve access to sanitation. Iynna sensed an opportunity for a social enterprise intervention and began initial market research with some key target markets.

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