Goodbye Emma

Friday was summer fellow Emma’s last day with Kouzin Dlo and tomorrow she flies back to the states! Kouzin Dlo has been fortunate to have Emma with us for 2 months in Haiti this summer and for months beforehand during the preparation stage. Although her summer began with a major setback when we weren’t able to implement the evaluation she had designed last semester, her flexibility and hardworking attitude shone through. Her commitment to monitoring and evaluation practices has helped us to develop, rethink and implement our current customer tracking systems. On site visits her investigative mind helped dig deeper into the water and sanitation landscape of the communities we serve and potential new sites for expansion. Over the past month, Emma has work tirelessly to develop and launch a Community Health Training curriculum for our entrepreneurs. Through this ongoing education we hope to equip the women who work with us to be leaders in health for their communities. All in all, this pilot wouldn’t have been the same without her!

Kouzin Dlo and the Archimedes Project wish Emma the best of luck as she heads back to Tufts for her junior year studying Community Health and Sociology. We know that her experience in Haiti will bring fresh ideas and a grounded perspective to her studies  and as she continues to explore her future career path. I will miss having her around Haiti Communitere to bounce ideas off of and problem solve with (or just eat some chocolate after a long day of work). I echo the requests of our haitian staff...KEEP IN TOUCH AND COME BACK SOON!

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Jessica Laporte

Jess graduated in May of 2014 from Tufts University with a degree in International Relations and a concentration in Global Health, Nutrition and the Environment. One month later she was in Haiti launching Community Chlorinators (Kouzin Dlo), as the Co-Founder of the Archimedes Project's first clean water social enterprise. Jess is passionate about social entrepreneurship as a mechanism to allow communities to meet their own needs in an aid dependent society. 

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