Field Dispatch: Community Chlorinators Week 2

This week this Community Chlorinators team took an important first step by hiring the first community managers and training their first entrepreneurs to begin working!


The team wrapped up the final day of jeran training. In the morning we went over stock management and accounting, and in the afternoon, we distributed completion certificates. This was a very important component of the training for the participants- it gives them a certificate that confirms that they have received basic training in clean water, health and entrepreneurship.

In order to select the Jerans, community managers, in each of the two community we are launching in, we interviewed each trainee individually, asking them questions about their motivation to work with Kouzin Dlo in their community. The entire four day process provided valuable insights into the leadership and spokesman abilities of the participants, their work ethic and their enthusiasm for leading Kouzin Dlo's local activities. We were very lucky to have options for who to hire and on Monday evening, extended a job offer to our first manager Carolin! 


We spent time evaluating and reflecting on the training and beginning to prepare for the entrepreneur training. We also started to turn our focus to some supply chain and equipment challenges including where to buy safe water storage buckets at a good price, and how to attach taps to them.


Our new jeran from Bwa Nef came in for orientation and we discussed her hiring contract, her role in the community as an advocate, marketer and teacher and what would happen during the upcoming two-day Machan (entrepreneur) training program.


We headed out to Bwa Nef for the first day of Machan training. Seven women were identified by our community partner to attend the training. We were also joined by three trainers from Deep Springs International, the non-profit company that manufactures Gayden Dlo, the chlorine product we are distributing. The trainers brought an amazing wealth of experience with them and carried out an engaging and exciting day of education about water, sanitation, and of course, safe water treatment and storage. They also came with songs and fun group singing and clapping exercises to keep the women engaged through the long and hot afternoon!


In collaboration with our Bwa Nef Jeran, Kouzin Dlo conducted the second day of machan training. Carolin is a natural leader and took the initiative to moderate conversation on difficult subjects such as pricing. At the end of the day, we gave the new machans training completion certificates and gave them the opportunity to buy their first bottles of chlorine to resell in the community.

Another successful week! Next week we will see what kind of sales are made in Bwa Nef, and will work on revising our training curriculum to get ready to launch in the second community, MENELAS!

About the author:
Faith Wallace-Gadsden

Faith Wallace-Gadsden, Ph.D. founded the Archimedes Project in April 2013 and serves as its full-time managing director. As part of her doctoral studies in molecular microbiology, Faith traveled to Haiti at the start of the cholera outbreak and saw first hand the failure of the international community to distribute simple and low cost technology to stop the spread of disease. 

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