We Build Global Development Startups

Archimedes Project is an emerging startup studio that works with entrepreneurs to develop social enterprises. We leverage existing technology to increase clean drinking water and sanitation access for bottom-of-the-pyramid households around the world.

Using leverage to solve one of the world's biggest problems.

The world has the technology, resources, and expertise necessary to get water and sanitation to those who need it. All that’s missing is a little leverage.

1.8 Billion
people without clean water.
1 Million
children die from diarrhea.
2.5 Billion
people lack sanitation.
1.8 Billion
people without clean water.
1 Million
children die from diarrhea.
2.5 Billion
people lack sanitation.

Our Approach

Our four-stage process allows us to guide entrepreneurs through building a clean water or sanitation venture by understanding the problem, generating a solution, validating and testing it.

Stage 1

The venture building process begins with a four-month research stage, during which an aspiring entrepreneur clearly defines a water or sanitation problem and develops in-country contacts.

Stage 2

We organize an ideation event where professionals from across sectors use their professional experience, the entrepreneur’s research, and the knowledge of target-country experts to design a business concept.

Stage 3

During the six-month development stage, we create an enterprise development team to help the entrepreneur vet the viability of the selected solution and develop an operating plan.

Stage 4

During the three-month launch stage, the entrepreneur and the enterprise launch team test the minimum viable product for product-market fit with the first 100 customers.

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Our Core Values

We are a launchpad for scalable clean water and sanitation enterprises that leverage existing technology, knowledge, and partners, by collaborating with an entrepreneur in all aspects from developing an idea to launching and growing the business.

Locally fluent entrepreneur

Cultural and linguistic fluency is essential to an understanding of the environment that their enterprise will operate within.

Female Leadership

Women are often responsible for water and sanitation and health. Female leadership allows the company to be more responsive.

existing product or service

There are hundreds of existing water and sanitation products and services. We focus on business model innovation.

Clean water Or sanitatioN

Clean drinking water and dignified sanitation underpin nutrition, health, education and gender equality.

Concept Stage Enterprise

We build customer-first, human-centered enterprises from the first stage of research to fully staffing and scaling.

In A Focus CountrY

We identified 25 countries with a high need for clean water and toilets, and relative political and economic stability.

Together we can Solve the Clean Water Crisis Today.

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