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If current rates of increase in sanitation held, it would take 200 years to get sanitation to all that need it! Join us in designing and launching a sanitation lean startup in Nairobi.
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200 Years is too long to wait!

Nairobi is a dynamic city of startling inequality. On one side of the street you see formal houses. On the other side you see slums. Being born on the wrong side of this street means that water costs 50-times more and you are in danger of sickness and death due to diarrhea.

Despite having a thriving startup scene and exciting technological innovations, millions of its residents live in crowded informal settlements. Urbanization and climate change are making a bad situation worse. Basics like water and sanitation are more expensive for the poor living in these settlements.

Archimedes Project believes that by bringing together the right technology, partners and ideas we can solve the sanitation crisis in Nairobi and around the world.

Your Support is the Key

Our donors make enterprise design, development and launch possible.

Design: 10k

In March, 2019, we will gather 50 professionals from across sectors in Nairobi, Kenya to participate in a social enterprise Ideation Lab. An Ideation Lab is a collaborative design event that results in a lean, human-centered startup that can scale to meet the sanitation challenge in urban Nairobi.

Develop: 20k

Following the Ideation lab, we will work with Phyllis Gichuhi and local partners to test the venture idea. We will vet the idea with experienced partners, develop a supply chain, identify a launch team and initial staff and secure funding.

Launch : 40k

The key to understanding if a venture idea works is getting to the first 100 customers. During launch, we put the plan that we created during development into action to begin selling the product or service to the target customers.

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