A year ago, the Archimedes Project launched our first enterprise in Haiti. Over the past year, I have watched our co-founder Jessica face the challenges and rise to the opportunities of that enterprise with grace and resilience. She has grown Kouzin Dlo from an idea on paper to into an enterprise with a promising future.

To ensure that our future enterprises have the strongest possible entrepreneurs, we initiated the Frontier Social Entrepreneur Fellowship. This fellowship recruits an aspiring changemaker who is deeply connected to one of our target countries to spend 12 weeks defining what the problems and opportunities are for the distribution of drinking water or sanitation products or services. They will work, not only to determine what has been done in the past and what is being done by existing local and international organizations, but also dig deep into how households currently meet their needs every day.

They don't go with answers, they go with questions and curiosity. 

How do households see the problem?

How are they currently solving it?

Could a lean enterprise be designed to provide a better service and could it scale?

We set a high bar for our first Fellow. Our goal was to find an aspiring changemaker who not only felt deeply connected their target country and but also had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a fierce character.

We are very lucky to have found our first fellow for Summer of 2015 in Iynna. Born in Cameroon and dedicated to the development of that country, she believes in unlocking local potential and giving voice to local solutions. She has strong ideas and a clear dedication to making her own path. I am very much looking forward to working with her as our first Frontier Social Entrepreneur.

If you would like to follow this journey, you will be regular updates here. If you'd like to support the fellowship program, make a donation.

- Faith

Iynna believes that innovation and creativity are the solution to Cameroon's development challenges. Her goal as a social entrepreneur is to unlock the potential within local communities to create solutions for the lack of access to sanitation and clean water.

A global nomad, Iynna was born Cameroon and grew up there for 10 years before moving to France. She has studied, lived and worked in England, the United States, Canada, Russia and Senegal. She most recently received her Master’s degree from New York University in International Affairs with a focus on international development.