Faith Wallace-Gadsden

Founder and Managing Director

Faith Wallace-Gadsden, Ph.D. founded the Archimedes Project in April 2013 and serves as its full-time managing director. As part of her doctoral studies in molecular microbiology, Faith traveled to Haiti at the start of the cholera outbreak and saw first hand the failure of the international community to distribute simple and low cost technology to stop the spread of disease. She committed herself to stopping the spread of diarrheal disease by finding and implementing scalable business models that meet the desires for low-income families to protect themselves and their children. more

Angela McIntosh

Angela McIntosh joined the Archimedes Project in September 2013 and is the part-time events coordinator. She is a organizational mastermind who is passionate about collaborating and engaging with communities to build their capacity to thrive.

Laura Carpenter

Laura Carpenter joined the Archimedes Project in September 2013 and is the part-time operations coordinator. Laura loves to tackle big challenges and is passionate about creating positive social, environmental and economic change via social enterprise.


Board of Directors

The board of directors help guide the development and expansion of the Archimedes Project. These directors represent the diverse needs of the organization and are committed to the Archimedes Project’s vision of solving the clean water and sanitation crisis by designing, building and supporting large scale clean water and sanitation enterprises throughout the developing world.


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