Have you ever dreamed of founding your own social enterprise?

The problem is- where do you start? From idea, to partnerships, to funding, startups are always difficult. They are even more difficult when they are launched in the developing world and focused on water and sanitation!

The Archimedes Project eases this process by working closely with a committed social entrepreneur to rapidly design and launch scalable social enterprises across an entire country or region. We are looking for big impact from a lean startup.

Sound good?


Are you:

  • Deeply connected to a country with major needs for water or sanitation?
  • Passionate and dedicated to making change in that country?
  • Knowledgeable about the local culture, conversant in the language, and well informed about the local business?
  • Ready to dedicate 12 months (part-time) to the development of a for-profit social enterprise?
  • Willing and able to move to your selected country full-time to serve as country director for the enterprise?

You may be interested in working with the Archimedes Project as a co-founder.

The Archimedes Project works as a co-founder in all aspects of developing the business from concept to launch. We work with you to develop a business plan, build a financial model, develop relationships with advisors and partners, identify initial funders, and implement the launch of the business.

Interested in becoming an Archimedes Project a co-founder? Get in touch to stay in the loop for our next round of applications.


Learn about our Frontier Fellowship that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to travel to their country of interest and dig deep into the water or sanitation market.