We Move Fast.

The Archimedes Project is based on the idea that we can gather the best people and ideas to solve one of the world's biggest problems. We look for people who like to get things done and work with them to challenge the dogma of the field of international development.


Are you interested in moving fast and making change? We are a remote team and accept pro-bono consultants and interns at any time of the year and have leadership positions for professionals and students.


Check out our current opportunities and join us.


Position Types:


Students that work closely with a team member over 1-2 semesters to contribute to a project in-line with their learning objectives.



Professional or graduate students works on a defined project for 2-6 months

Graduate students join a social enterprise co-founder in-country for the summer to launch or support the expansion of the enterpise

Enterprise Fellow


Projects for Interns and Consultants:

  • Brand Development
  • Storytelling Intern
  • Research Assistant
  • Business Development