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Iynna is committed to giving voice to the people of Cameroon. A NYU graduate born in Cameroon, she will spend the summer listening and learning about sanitation in Cameroon and laying the foundation for a sustainable, scalable, job creating sanitation enterprise.

As a fellow, she will research existing solutions and how to leverage knowledge and partners.

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Cameroon is a Central African nation of 22 million people. With low water and sanitation access, diarrheal disease is a major problem among young children causing 16% of the deaths of children under five years old. Cholera is an annual danger during the summer rainy season causing death and disease across the country.


Children under 5 die from diarrhea yearly


Access to Toilets


Access to Clean Water


About the Project

The Fellowship is about curiosity and inquiry, finding out what has been done and searching for way to do better.

The Archimedes Project launches enterprises knowing that we are there to learn. To learn from the people we want to help and to learn from the organizations that have been working hard to try and solve the water and sanitation crisis.

The goal of the Frontier Fellowship is to take that learning out out into the world. Fellows have the unique opportunity to see the problem first hand, talk to the people who live it and dig deep into potential solutions.

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Iynna will be answering these questions and absorbing as much as she can in order to learn about the sanitation situation in Cameroon and potential knowledge, technology and community partners. Stay up to date on Iynna's project by following her updates through the blog below!


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