Join your City's Regional Council!

Are you excited by the prospect of supporting innovative, scalable, for-profit solutions to long-standing global development challenges?

Looking to network with other professionals from diverse backgrounds who share similar interests?

Interested in contributing to a paradigm shift in international aid and development?

Join the Regional Council in your city as a network builder, fundraiser and brand ambassador of the Archimedes Project!


Regional Council Overview

Archimedes Project is based on the idea that we can gather the best people and ideas to solve one of the world’s biggest problems. Regional Councils bring together a diverse and engaged community of professionals who share an interest in start-ups, social enterprise, international development and impact investing, to serve as ambassadors for the Archimedes Project in major cities across the U.S.  Regional Council members are brand ambassadors, network builders, and fundraisers.

Members leverage their personal and professional networks to promote the Archimedes Project’s mission, generate interest in and support for our initiatives, and connect us with new ideas, people, opportunities, resources and funds, through events and other activities. Council members have the opportunity to develop professional skills, network with other professionals in their community, and make an impact on the lives of those without access to clean water and sanitation!

Each Regional Council is led by one or more Council Chairs, who act as the primary liaison between the Archimedes Project and the Council and lead Council members in the development and implementation of projects to support the Archimedes Project’s mission to create market-driven solutions to global development challenges in clean water and sanitation.


Regional Council members are:

  • Dedicated: Strongly interested in supporting market-driven solutions to global development challenges, and able and willing to commit approximately 10-20 hours of volunteer service each month.
  • Clever: Eager to find new ways to leverage local networks and connections and bring together different resources and talents to support our cause. Highly organized, and a strong communicator.
  • Curious: Open to new ideas, perspectives and opportunities. Interested in collaborating with others from diverse sectors to find fun, interesting and innovative ways to support the Archimedes Project. Creative as well as practical.


Interested in joining or leading a Council in your city?  Apply now!