What is Ideation?

Ideation is our process for designing scalable and sustainable enterprises that increase access to clean water or sanitation for customers at the bottom of the pyramid.

Using a Human Centered Design approach is especially important in this context because it challenges our assumptions and uncovers constraints involved in providing a service around basic needs. By asking the right questions, we can better define the problem and design a practical and desired solution.


Archimedes Project Ideation Lab, 2013

Archimedes Project Ideation Lab, 2013

Ideation Lab

3 days. 1 global challenge. 1 winning business plan.

An Ideation Lab is a three day enterprise design competition that brings together people from across sectors to design a clean water or sanitation social enterprise that could scale across a country. During the Ideation Lab the design teams work closely with mentors from across sectors to integrate best practices from business, academia, non-profit and government to think deeply about how to solve this critical problem.

Archimedes Project, 2013

Clean Water, Haiti

Ideation Workshop

The Ideation Workshop is a one-day event that brings together professionals and students from across sectors to design a scalable and sustainable social enterprise to deliver a basic service at the bottom of the pyramid. The workshop begins with an introduction to human centered design and lean startup. Participants are then led through exercises in which they work in groups to design a social enterprise by identifying who they are serving, what problem they are solving for that person and how they will solve that problem by providing a product or service. At the end of the workshop, participants present and discuss their business concepts.

Team & Mentors Consult, Cooper Union Workshop

Team & Mentors Consult, Cooper Union Workshop

Cooper Union Ideation Workshop, 2017

I never knew sanitation could be so fun!
— Fordham Student

In April 2017, students at The Cooper Union, in New York, ran an Ideation Workshop focused on sanitation in Myanmar (Burma). We went live on Facebook with the team pitches and you can see them here!

Ideate With Us!

We are excited to work with you to bring one of these events to your university, organization, or company. You’ll be partnered with one of our staff members throughout the planning process and have access to our extensive planning guide and resources.

Interested in learning more? Email us at team@archgrp.org.