Kouzin Dlo is a group of people, a family, that is putting their heads together to protect their communities from diarrheal disease and cholera. We are a family of people who know how to prevent disease and help others to do the same by bringing clean water to families.
— Carline, Community Manager, Bwa Nef

The Kouzin Dlo logo chosen by participants in our June Ideation lab.


What is Kouzin Dlo?

Kouzin Dlo trains and supports women to sell chlorine for household water treatment within their communities. We hope for our women to be more than sales agents, we see them as promoters of clean water and community health.


Hub Staff Training

Kouzin Dlo Hub Staff are responsible for daily operations in each community where we work - managing stock, recording income and expenses and leading our marketing and outreach activities.

Hub Staff training is the first step in launching new communities. Along with the community partner we recruit 2-4 women from each community to participate in a 3 day training that also acts as an experiential interview.

Hub Staff training covers community health education, basic business management, feasibility analysis and marketing. Most importantly these trainings serve as an opportunity to evaluate and refine the Kouzin Dlo model alongside community members to better fit the landscape where the business plans to launch.


Sales Agent Training

Kouzin Dlo Sales Agents are the driving force of our business. 

All of our Sales Agents are trained in basic social marketing and sales in addition to household water treatment, hygiene and safe sanitation to help them make a convincing argument for clean water to their family, neighbors and friends.

The local Hub Staff assist with the training of the entrepreneurs in their community and perform ongoing recruitment to train additional Sales Agents.


Measuring Impact

Community Chlorinators is committed to evaluating our progress in achieving our social goals through documentation and monitoring. A new partnership with Dimagi, Inc. allows us to improve data collection using mobile apps for real time updates.



Kouzin Dlo currently has Sales Teams in 9 neighborhoods across Port-au-Prince. We are focused on low-income communities in urban centers and peri-urban settlements. 

We have teams of Sales Agents in Lizon, Fouji, Blanchard and Bwa Nef  as well as independent Sales Agents operating in Cite Limye, Menelas (Village Repatrier), Lilavwa and Onaville.

We are always on the look-out for new communities to establish operations. Contact us through the PARTNER button below if you want to learn more about bringing Kouzin Dlo into an area where you work!

What’s great about their work is not simply the solution for clean water, but the critical educational and entrepreneurship components. At Team Tassy, we believe that the cure for poverty is good, dignified jobs. By partnering with Community Chlorinators, we can bring clean water to our community along with a much needed dignified income generation opportunity for our families in Menelas.
— Vivien Luk, Executive Director, Team Tassy


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