Friday, September 25, 2015


In the centuries since the Industrial Revolution transformed our planet, humankind has been presented with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. It is from this fertile ground for innovation, that the field of social enterprise has emerged – creating activists, business people and organizations using their skills to solve the last century’s most pressing problems.

Imagine the next 100 years – imagine how we might succeed, where earlier dreamers have failed – in realizing our aspirations of a better world, one without poverty, hunger, gender discrimination, income inequality. Imagine a world that harnesses new technology and new ideas to develop renewable resources, clean water, and sustainable and equitable food systems.

Join like-minded individuals to inspire the business, social and policy solutions for the world in 2115. Celebrate Columbia Business School’s Centennial with the 2015 Social Enterprise Conference by exploring what the next 100 years of social enterprise will entail.