If you believe in the power of entrepreneurship to empower and create change, join us as a donor.

The international development system is broken. Trillions of dollars have gone in with few lasting results. To create sustainable access, we design and launch scalable and market driven businesses that create local jobs while increasing access to water or sanitation across the country.

Archimedes Project funders are partners, often acting as advisors as well as philanthropists. Join us and enable game changing entrepreneurs change their country. Join Us.


If you'd like to send a check or make a donation via a corporate giving program you may need the following information:

  • Archimedes Project, Inc
  • EIN Number: 47-1018492
  • Address: 175 West 90th St. #17F  New York, NY 10024
  • Phone: 617-682-0382

What does it take to launch a social enterprise?

by the numbers...

Start a new Social Enterprise

$50,000 = Seed a new social enterprise

$20,000 = Ideation Lab to design a new social enterprise

$5,000 = Sponsor a Frontier Fellow's research and partnership building

What Archimedes Project provides to entrepreneurs

We spend over 10,000 hours working to enable an entrepreneur to design and launch a scalable and financially viable business.

bottom line - as a funder, you enable tomorrows leaders to launch and grow high-impact businesses.

Archimedes Project Co-Founder Process



We bring together research, experts, existing technology and cross-sector professionals to design a scalable water or sanitation business specific to a country of interest.


For 6-12 months, we work with a locally competent co-founder to develop the business idea through a rigorous process that involves creating a financial model, securing seed funding, building on-the-ground partnerships, identifying local staff, determining performance metrics, and designing an evaluation plan.


We work with the co-founder to launch the business on the ground, begin to gather local feedback, hire local staff and make initial adjustments in the business. During the launch process, the businesses’ first customers are made, the supply chain is established and the business begins the process of iteration.


Once the initial launch period is over and the first outlets of the business are established, the business begins evaluate initial successes and failure and prepare the business to scale - increasing the number of outlets, improving sales at existing outlets and spreading the reach of the business. At this stage, the Archimedes Project begins to transition to an advisory role, working with the co-founder to identify expansion funding, conduct an impact evaluation and establish management staff and an outside advisory board.

Archimedes Project, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization. To make a tax-exempt donation, please use the ‘Donate’ button here or send a check addressed to “Archimedes Project” to ‘Archimedes Project’ 175 West 90th #17F, New York, NY.